The School was started in 28th of October 2001 by Dr.Kausalya Murugaiyan Educational Trust, Pollachi with an objective of providing quality education. The Foundation stone was laid by Dr.B.K.Krishnaraj Vanarayar in the year 2001 and the school was opened by Dr.N.Mahalingam in the year 2002. It is a co-educational school with strength of nearly 800 students and more than 40 teachers, with separate hostel for boys and girls. Van facilities are available for local students.

The institution is situated just 6 kilometers from the Pollachi town, on the Pollachi-Coimbatore main road. It is located in a serene pollution-free atmosphere in an area of 3.6 acres. Pure natural drinking water is available from Aliar.

The school is under the care of a family of doctors. Dr.S.Murugaiyan MBBS FCGP is the Managing Trustee, Dr.V.Anand MS DLO is the Secretary, and Dr.Shanthi Anand MD DGO is the Correspondent. The school principal is Mr.F.Pratap Vimalesh B.Sc., M.A. M.Ed.


Dr.Kausalya Murugaiyan (7.10.1933 - 1.12.2007) an able Doctor of Medicine with vast experience was directly involved in school activities from the beginning. The day she passed away, she attended the school annual day and was talking to parents & children. The school remembers her affection. In memory of Dr.Kousalaya Murugaiyan, a multipurpose audio visual hall has been built.Our multipurpose audio visual hall (AV Hall) can accommodate around 300 students in which variety of co and extra curricular activities are conducted.


The school is furnished with spacious class rooms, well stocked library, separate laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and computer science.


Smart Class facility is available for our students. Educomp smart class is an interactive whiteboard digital technology designed to assist teachers as a visual aid. Smart class provides graphical and animated clips, virtual laboratories, maps and teaching aids to help the bright as well as dull students.

Communicative English classes and handwriting classes are conducted through teachers trained in those field backed by aids like Linguaphone cassettes and Smart class. Co-curricular programs are also conducted to improve communicative English. These programs are appreciated by the parents.


Math lab is a vast set of teaching aids that helps the students to understand mathematical concepts easily. Concepts like fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, etc are taught through the math lab kit, models, puzzle board, Cuisenaire representation boards, etc. During parent teachers meetings our students demonstrated the use of the math lab aids to the parents.

Math-fest was conducted in which students from standards I – IX participated by displaying the math exhibits. They explained about their exhibits to the viewers. Students also demonstrated various mathematical concepts through conversations, models and Math lab kit.


Separate hostels are available for boys and girls. The hostel students come under the direct supervision of the school principal Mr.F. Pratap Vimalesh.Food and Health care of the hostel inmates are monitored by the Correspondent Dr.Shanthi Anand.Gymnasium is available for our school students. Our hostel students enjoy this facility to keep their body healthy and fit.Morning timings are allotted for boys and evening for girls. Parents find that the hostel atmosphere promotes discipline and self care in the child's day to day life.

... ...
Special care and attention is given for the students of 10th and 12th standards by experienced teachers. The hostel inmates enjoy proficient care even after school hours.Our 10th and 12th standard students were able to achieve cent percent (100%) results successively. We congratulate them and their teachers for their hard work and the name they have earned for the school. We also arrange career guidance programs for our higher class students so that they can know about various opportunities in higher education and career.

Parent Teachers Meetings are conducted after quarterly and Half-yearly examinations. These meetings are aimed to explain the performance of the students to the parents. During these meetings the teachers share various details about the students like their studies, behaviour, homework, fair note completion, etc, in order to rectify and motivate the students to improve their performance. Suggestions from parents are also considered.


The school runs a Resource Centre for student with Dyslexia (Specific Learning Disability), under the school secretary Dr.V.Anand which offers remediation to students who have difficulty in their academics. Approaches like Phonologic Awareness, Syllabification, Structured word dissection, Encoded reading, Syllable Blending VAKT, Joint Oral Reading, Peer Tutoring, Reward System, Fine motor exercises and customized methods are used. Occupational Therapy (OT) is available through qualified therapist.


Various Co-curricular programs are conducted throughout the year and the students are repeatedly given opportunity to show their talents. We encourage all the students to show their hidden talents by conducting sequences of competitions and programs. Activities like Elocutions, handwriting competition, essay writing, quiz programs, communicative English programs, project works, Expos, and many such events are conducted.


Topics covering various discipline are given to the students. The students prepare the presentation with the help of the teachers, parents and friends. Most of the information is obtained from sources like internet. We encourage students to participate in these elocutions in huge numbers. On the day of the competition, the students come to the stage and talk about the topic with the aid of power point presentation. Programs like short plays are conducted to improve the conversational skills of the students. Even those students who were not so good at studies were able to participate and show their talents through these activities.


We motivate our students to acquire good communicative and verbal skills in English language. Therefore we conduct communicative English classes and handwriting classes through the teachers in those fields. Programs like spell bee, English skits, etc, are conducted to improve the conversation skills and presentation skills of our students.
English Expo was conducted through which our students showed their verbal skills. The students divided into small groups showed their performance in different ways like explaining about different topics, short discussions, conversations, plays, etc. The English Expo provided a platform for the students to learn and share their language skills in a new way.


Facilities are provided by the school for the students to participate in various extracurricular activities like sports, games and indoor events. Special facilities are also available like gymnasium, swimming, skating, music, dance, band, art and craft, archery, scout & guides. Classes on kayaking (white water rafting) and astronomy were also conducted for our students in the past.


We conduct sports and games and the prizes are distributed during Sports Award functions and prize distribution functions. East Zonal Sports Meet for the academic year 2012-13 was conducted by Bharath Vidhya Nikketan. Around 24 schools participated in various sports and games.

... Inter school competitions are being conducted in our school regularly. Competitions like Inter school drawing competition, Inter School chess and inter school quiz are conducted in memory of our school founder Dr.Kausalya Murugaiyan. Hundreds of students from various schools eagerly participated in these events to show their talents. Prizes and certificates are distributed to the winners and participants. The winning school receives the rolling trophy. We have also conducted inter school science exhibition and inter school swimming competitions.

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Cookery competition was conducted in our school. The students bring raw fruits, vegetables, grains, etc from their home. The students divided in small groups prepare variety dishes using the raw materials and display them. They explain to the judges and to the audience about the items used to prepare the dish and the method of preparation of the particular dish.


We conduct various programs and competitions for kindergarten to improve various skills and bring out the talents in our tiny tots. Programs like KG Expo, Rhymes competition and story-telling competitions are conducted. Parents are attracted by programs like KG expo through which the kids talk and explain about their displays, in their own fashion.


Various health care programs and medical camps are conducted regularly to bring health awareness among the students, teachers and parents. Program on Thyroid awareness and thyroid level checkup, Dental check-up, Eye camps, skin check-up, psychology screening, etc were done. Dr.K.Neminathan from Coimbatore Child Trust Hospital (P) Ltd gave speech on "Good Parenting" and "tips on child rearing". Parents find these programs very useful.


We invite professionals and prominent persons from various fields to give lectures and to have interactions with our students. Some of them are…

• Mr. Rangasamy Ramasamy, Ph.d., Professor on Exceptional Student Education, Florida Atlantic University, USA

• (Late)Dr.Jayakumar, Orthopedic surgeon and Professor from Delaware USA

• Professor Seth Dailey, Laryngologist from Madison, USA

• Mr.Aravind Sabapathy, software engineer from California, USA

• Mr.Ranganath who was in software field and had returned from USA

• Mr.Nagamanickam Ganesh from NASA, USA

• Arutchelvar Dr.N.Mahalingam

• Mr.B.K.Krishnaraj Vanavarayar

• Mrs.Vanitha Mohan of Siruthuly

• Dr.Neeraj Mittal IAS, Collector

• Dr.Vijay Pingale IAS, Sub Collector

• Mr.S.Karmegam CEO

• Mrs.N.Ananthi CEO

• Mrs.Reshmi Siddharth Zagade IAS, Sub Collector

• Cinthanai Kavingher Dr.Kavidasan, Director (HR) Roots Industries Ltd

• Dr.Abdul Akeem Aluko from Nigeria

Besides several doctors, heads of various educational institutions and many more have spent their valuable time with our students.

Coimbatore Road,
Kullakkapalayam Pirivu,
POLLACHI - 642 002,
Coimbatore District.
Phone numbers:
  • School: 04259-235222 &
  • Principal: 98940-17768